February 11, 2021

Six Weeks into the First Quarter – Focus!

Let's take a quick look back at the first week of this year. With all the political happenings globally, the fresh memories we have of them, feels like yesterday, but it's already a month and a half since the new year! It is easy to have squirrel moments and lose focus; when we snap back to reality, we can see time didn't stop, and now we need to catch up!

Losing focus is widespread, and more so if we are setting project goals, like the ones we start on New Year’s or at the start of a new quarter. These projects take time to produce results and can lead us to become impatient and lose energy.

We're six weeks into 2021, it's normal to have lower energy reserves compared to the start of the year. This is not an excuse to give up! It’s time to assess our progress and sharpen our focus.

Today, we will reflect on renewing our motivation and staying focused for the weeks to come.

Here are three thoughts to provoke, two ideas to inspire you, and one item for you to act on!


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