Is Poor Business Housekeeping Costing You Money?

Do you have subscriptions you are not using? Domains that are on autopay, but unused? It may be time for a systems audit.

Today, let’s find a few ways to decrease the chaos in your systems, save you money, and get you ready for the holidays.

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Your business is thriving and suddenly distractions rear their ugly head. They cause chaos and sap your passion. You can overcome distractions by focusing on the best use of the finite amount of resources you have.

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October 1, 2020

Is Work Making You Sick?

I have to chuckle as I upload this podcast. Right after recording, I got sick! You get to hear this podcast in all of its imperfection. I did multiple takes and just couldn't stop the word stumbles. Now, I know why. 

Are you pushing hard to meet deadlines and get everything done? As we strive for perfection (am I the only one?) we must be careful that we do not push too hard. We must build margin into our days.

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Are you handling some major pivots in your business?

How are your business relationships?

Are you overwhelmed with all of the details?

Today, Lisa Olinda, Chief Chaos Whisperer of Olinda Services, explains why your business may be ready to invest in an Executive Business Partner. 

Today, let's highlight three women who helped me in my business life. As you read about my experiences, consider who has helped you.

Here are three thoughts to provoke you, two ideas to inspire you, and one item to act on!

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Working from home can cause major headaches with business communication.

How do I define a squirrel moment?

“You are writing your newsletter and suddenly you remember the bill you forgot to pay. You go to pay the bill and remember you did not take the clothes out of the washer. You go to take the clothes out of the washer and remember you had a 1 p.m. meeting and it is now 1:15 p.m.”

How can our minds go in so many directions at the same time?

Today, let’s learn about quieting those squirrel moments and gaining focus so we can communicate precisely, retain our sanity, and wow our clients.

Are you the remote communicator that everyone shakes their head, knowing you will have a communication breakdown? Today, let look at how we can make video communication a success even if you feel you are all thumbs with technology.

Here is a free login notebook for you with video tutorial links!

In this podcast, I teach you steps to make our remote office space work for YOU.

We talk about how I combat mood swings and grumpiness with my work from home lifestyle. We discuss how too many problems and unanswered questions keep us spinning in circles, and how tech can save the day!

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COVID-19 has caused families to pivot, and there is much anxiety about what the next school year will hold for learners.

Many parents are in a panic or are in survival mode. How do you work from home, support your children’s education, and have a life?

You are NOT alone. Learn how you can find a work-life rhythm while working from home with your children.

Do you feel like life is a bit out of control? I get you! There is chaos swirling around us. We hear daily of pandemic news, political debates, social unrest, and economic catastrophes.

How can we focus during these times?

Jon Gordon writes,

"Three things you control every day are your ATTITUDE, your EFFORT, and your ACTIONS.

As I write, I keep being reminded of one of my favorite saying, "grit with grace." I think I first heard that phrase spoken by Carrie Wilkerson. Wow, what a concept.

Today, let's look at ways to dig deep and bring back control into our everyday lives.

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