April 15, 2021

3 Ways To Get Into Action After A Business Crisis

What to do after a business crisis!

Look at these possible scenarios;

  1. It is Monday morning, and your computer refuses to start. 
  2. Your son hugs you and knocks over your cup of coffee - all over your laptop!
  3. You get a call that Dad is in the hospital with a heart attack. 
  4. Someone is intentionally writing bad reviews about your business, and you have done everything to make it right. 

All businesses deal with crises at some point. These could be a data breach, IT shutdown, brand damage, data loss, or even a global pandemic like the current COVID-19. A business crisis can be anything that is a significant disruption to your workflow or normal daily operations.

These situations can impact a business, whether large or small. Depending on the intensity of the crisis, there could be loss of existing and potential clients, damage to business credibility, reducing operations, and threatening employee's lives. At worst, it could lead to your business closing. Without proper strategies and plans to deal with a crisis, it is not easy to recover.

Several weeks ago, we spoke about planning for a crisis. How important it is to have a plan B. 

  1. Plan Thoroughly
  2. Crisis Management Plan
  3. Communication is Vital

Now let's look at the next phase. Today let us focus on strategies to get back into action after a crisis.

Here are three thoughts to provoke you, two ideas to inspire you, and one item to act on!

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