February 18, 2021

Do your clients feel appreciated?

Believe it or not, we are already into the second half of February, and Valentine's Day has passed. It is always delightful to dedicate time to celebrate love and friendship with the important people to us. 

Yes, the first ones that come to my mind are my family and friends. With a loss of a few loved ones this past year, we are more grateful for those who remain. 

 was talking to my assistant recently and going through the history of some of my clients. I have worked with many of these clients for YEARS! We have become friends and have gone through gains and losses together. 

Sometimes my clients email me in shorthand. I know what they mean, but my assistant has no idea. I had to chuckle as I explained the code. The conversation reminds me that I have fantastic clients and love working with them. 

Today, let's listen to some ways client appreciation is vital in your business.  

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